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February 09, 2017  ·  by: Emily Lewis  ·  Blog

A Walk into the Data Warehouse Lion’s Den

We’re off to the TDWI Winter Conference next week, February 12-17, in Las Vegas.

Why is Incorta, the self-professed champion of “ditch the data warehouse” going to TDWI? A show, which for years, has championed the data warehouse and is even contained in their name (TDWI stands for The Data Warehouse Institute)?

Well run organizations evolve and TDWI has done just that and their educational mandate now focuses more broadly across analytics.  In fact, this year’s conference focuses on “addressing our greatest data challenge head-on: harnessing the power of data and analytics to extract high-value insights that enable faster, smarter business decisions.”

Well, this is exactly what Incorta does. We approach analytics on large, complex business data very differently than traditional approaches.  We allow organizations to aggregate data in real time, bypassing the need for a data warehouse all together using the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping architecture. Not only can these organizations build new analytics applications in a fraction of the time than they could before, but they can “extract high-value insights that enable faster, smarter business decisions.”  Sound familiar?  That’s why we’re off to Vegas.

Are you going to be in Vegas too?  Come check us out and see for yourself Incorta’s new approach to enterprise analytics.  You’ll find us in the Expo Hall in booth #315.  Stop by and you can even enter to win an Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

“Business users are blown away with how fast we can actually understand them
and come back with a solution to them. They have never seen something like this
before—the IT team being this responsive to meet their needs.”

Ajit Oak, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence - Broadcom