Explore the Future of Enterprise Analytics

Why you need a new approach to analytics and why Incorta matters.

Clarity Now.

Analytics today can be confusing. Vendors stake claim to comparable capabilities, yet few meet the needs of insight-starved business users. Incorta brings clarity to the cloudy world of enterprise analytics. Sit back and dig in to learn more.

Data Sheet

Incorta and Direct Data Mapping

Learn about Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping approach to enterprise analytics and its key benefits.


Rethinking the Data Warehouse for Business Data

Join Impact Analytix Principal Consultant Matt Morris as he walks through his latest paper, “Incorta: The Modern Replacement for Your Data Warehouse.”

White Paper

Accelerating Analytics with Direct Data Mapping

Discover Incorta’s new approach to enterprise analytics and its benefits.


Bloor Group: Time Is of the Essence—Analyzing Raw Data in Real Time

Join Dr. Robin Bloor and Osama Elkady, CEO of Incorta, in this episode of “The Briefing Room”.

Case Study

Broadcom Speeds Analytics and Empowers Business Users with Incorta

Learn how Broadcom restructured their IT investments and sharpened their approach to analytics with Incorta.

White Paper

Impact Analytix: The Modern Replacement for Your Data Warehouse

Learn from industry analysts Impact Analytix about Incorta’s new analytics approach replacing the traditional data warehouse.


Incorta at Google Cloud Next 2017

Watch Incorta share a new approach to traditionally held beliefs about data, analytics, and IT at Google NEXT.


Supercharging Tableau with Incorta

See how to unfetter Tableau visualization when analyzing large, complex  data with Incorta analytics.


Broadcom and Incorta: A New Framework for IT

Watch and learn why Broadcom sought a new approach to their analytics infrastructure.

Case Study

Toast Accelerates Decisions and Increases Revenue with Incorta Analytics

Discover how Toast aggregates vast amounts of data to provide immediate analytic insight across its organization.

Case Study

Incorta Increases Employee Productivity at Major U.S. University

Learn how a leading university improved productivity with Incorta to handle large, complex data and integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite.

“Instead of spending our time cobbling together our own reporting, we can now
focus our energies on improving the customer experience.
And that’s what we’re all about.”

Tim Barash, CFO - Toast