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Thinking Beyond the Dashboard: Transaction-level Intelligence

Whether we’re the CEO, the GM, head of sales, or a business analyst, we’ve all faced the dreaded-data scenario at one point or another. We have our top-line view of the enterprise—a...

May 16, 2019
by: Foroozan Memari

The Pain of Operational Reporting Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) delivers incredible value to the many businesses that anchor their critical business operations in its software offerings. Unfortunately—particularly in today’s increasingly fast-paced environment—Oracle EBS does not offer a...

May 02, 2019
by: Ashwin Warrier

How to Smell a Rat with So-Called “Self-Service Analytics”

When I assumed the role of chief evangelist for Incorta, I imagined I’d spend my days helping really smart people apply our analytics platform in new and creative ways to address their...

April 18, 2019
by: Matthew Halliday

Supply Chains: Are You Choking on ERP Data?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a powerful technology for syncing critical supply chain transactions and records. It’s designed to keep transactions integrated, so customer orders, invoices, inventory, and other elements remain consistent...

April 04, 2019
by: Arnold Mark Wells

Customer Secrets Revealed: Liberating Millions of Dollars by Avoiding Star Schemas

Whether you’re new to business intelligence (BI) or been around the block a few times, you’ve probably learned the ins and outs of traditional BI’s Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes and data...

March 21, 2019
by: Foroozan Memari