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How Incorta Customers are Leveraging Real-Time Operational Intelligence to Quickly & Effectively Respond to 3 Likely Scenarios Caused by COVID-19

SPECIAL NOTE: Check out this webinar where we’ve re-created a real customer use case so you can see creative ways to use analytics. 

Most businesses do not have contingency or...

March 30, 2020
by: Brian Keare, CIO & Head of Customer Success

Straight to the Top: Why Incorta Beats Top Cloud Vendors in Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Market Study

Business agility is the name of the game in 2020. Last year, the US-China trade wars gave business leaders around the world a preview of what it looks like when...

March 19, 2020
by: Osama Elkady, CEO

Cloud Data Lakes Are Having a Renaissance—Are You Ready?

We live in a world where incremental change is no longer enough to succeed in business. Take a look at today’s most valuable companies—they all approach innovation the same way: fearlessly swinging...

February 06, 2020
by: Matthew Halliday, Co-Founder and VP of Products

Incorta 4.6 Platform Release Makes Cloud Data Lakes Analytics-Ready

The latest version of Incorta’s unified data analytics platform sets a new standard for analytics on cloud data lake storage with support for ADLS Gen 2 and AWS S3, 30x faster Direct...

February 06, 2020

NEW REPORT: The Rise of Unified Data and Analytics Platforms [Eckerson Group]

Ten years ago, the thought of driving an electric car from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a single day would have been laughable to most people. Now, of course, it...

February 05, 2020
by: Matthew Halliday, Co-Founder and VP of Products