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Kicking the ETL Addiction in 3 Days—How GC Services Gained Unprecedented Insight into Call Center Operations

I’m no stranger to data analytics. And everything I believed to be true about data analytics was based upon the premise that you absolutely had to reshape data to get it to...

November 13, 2019
by: Marc Paige, AVP of IT Software Dev & Chief App Architect

Employee Spotlight: Intern to Software Engineer

“Our fast growing Engineering team at Incorta is filled with amazing talent covering many areas of software development (i.e. front-end and back-end development, data science, machine learning, test and build automation) as...

November 08, 2019
by: Aaron Pelina, Recruiting Coordinator

Incorta Summit 2019

Earlier this month, I was honored to have the opportunity to moderate the 2019 Incorta Summit. Once I got over the fact that there were over 300 people in the audience and...

November 01, 2019
by: Kevin Smith, Incorta VP of Product Marketing

A CFO's Perspective: How to Resuscitate Enterprise Analytics

As a longtime chief financial officer (CFO) and business analyst, there are three things I always want to know:

1. What happened?

2. Why did it happen?

3. What’s going to happen...

November 01, 2019
by: Jeff E. Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle

Building Analytics? Time to Start Thinking Like a Product Manager

When it comes to solving a problem in product development, taking stock of the situation at hand is one of the first steps you should take. In this article, Matthew Halliday gives...

October 30, 2019
by: Matthew Halliday