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Why NetSuite “Saved Searches” can Stall Your Business

Oracle NetSuite gives companies fantastic enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud-based business tools to streamline business processes, accelerate growth, drive innovation, and remain competitive. But relying on NetSuite’s reporting and “saved searches”—basically...

August 30, 2018
by: Doug Textor, Crunch Data, and Mohit Saggi, Incorta

3 Key Learnings from the Webinar “Modern Data Warehousing without the Burden of ETL”

As the Eckerson Group’s data management practice lead, Dave Wells is a respected advisory consultant, educator, and research analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to...

July 17, 2018
by: Matthew Halliday

“100% Customer Satisfaction” Within Reach for Guittard Chocolate Company with Incorta Analytics

100% customer satisfaction.

That’s the figurative white whale Guittard Chocolate Company has been pursuing. But multiple reporting structures, an aging data warehouse, and disparate processing points—from cacao farmers to production...

July 10, 2018
by: Emily Lewis

4 Key Analytics Challenges Facing Today’s Supply Chains

Modern supply chains attempt to predict and constantly react to consumer demand by optimizing supply sources, product mixes, and distribution channels. And—while analytics can be an amazing differentiator giving leaders key insight...

April 17, 2018
by: Emily Lewis

The Power of Incorta through a Fortune 10 Customer's Eyes: Q&A with Mohamed Dekhil, Ph.D

You may have seen our announcement in February that former Apple and Hewlett Packard product development leader Mohamed Dekhil, Ph.D. joined Incorta as vice president of engineering. We’re so excited...

April 12, 2018
by: Osama Elkady