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Natasha Lobo: Sales Engineer / Fashion-Tech Blogger / Opera Singer

“Our rapidly evolving Presales team at Incorta is filled with top tier talent coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. The Presales charter is a simple one—We bring Life to...

September 06, 2019

The Analytics Stack is Consolidating… Now What?

As the technology that underpins data and analytics continues to advance, consolidation is taking place across the traditional analytics stack. It’s a natural evolution in the lifecycle of technology—and in the case...

August 21, 2019
by: Matthew Halliday, Incorta Co-Founder and VP of Products

Death of A Star Schema (Redux): Moving Beyond Inmon and Kimball

Picking the right data model is one of the most important decisions that senior IT leaders can make. Historically, there were two models to choose from: Ralph Kimball’s “bottom-up” approach to mapping...

August 14, 2019
by: By: Dan Brock, Head of Customer Success, Incorta

Keeping Self-Service BI on the Right Side of the Law

All around the world today, government regulators are turning their attention to data privacy and protection. With the arrival of GDPR, CCPA, New York Privacy Act and a growing list of others...

August 07, 2019
by: By: Matthew Halliday, Incorta Co-Founder and VP of Products

Do You Have an Unhealthy Obsession with the Single Source of the Truth?

Establishing a “single source of truth” for an organization’s data is the holy grail for many data executives and their teams today—and it’s a big mistake. More often than not, this type...

July 31, 2019
by: Mike Nader, Head of Channel Enablement