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​Avoiding Self-Service BI Disasters: 3 Strategies for Senior IT Leaders

Does the thought of moving to self-service business intelligence keep you up at night? You’re not alone. 

Senior IT leaders are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it...

July 24, 2019
by: Matthew Halliday, Co-Founder and Head of Products

Analytics Without Behavior Change Is Just Expensive Artwork

Analytics can have a transformative effect on business, but it requires highly-intentional design around the user experience. That’s because the ultimate goal of analytics is much deeper than just showing people how...

July 17, 2019
by: Matthew Halliday

Unfettered “Data Curiosity” Kicks Off New Era of Problem-Solving at Nortek

We at Incorta talk a lot about “data curiosity.” It’s our term for what’s enabled—and ignited—when a data analytics tool becomes truly interactive, allowing users to ask and immediately answer...

July 10, 2019
by: Brian Keare, Field CIO of Incorta, Former CIO of Nortek

Top 3 Tariff/Supply Chain Analyses You Need to Do Today

Uncertainty and volatility in the global trade environment continues to rock the U.S. economy.

Executives are realizing the relative stability enjoyed by global supply chains over the past two decades is now...

May 28, 2019
by: By Brian Keare, Incorta Field CIO

Thinking Beyond the Dashboard: Transaction-level Intelligence

Whether we’re the CEO, the GM, head of sales, or a business analyst, we’ve all faced the dreaded-data scenario at one point or another. We have our top-line view of the enterprise—a...

May 16, 2019
by: Foroozan Memari