Provider: incorta
Business Function: Finance
Data Source: Multi-ERP

Accelerate and simplfy cash-to-cash cycle reporting and analytics.

Proper management of the cash to cash cycle is critical to the success of an enterprise.  Failing to do so can put a stranglehold on the organizations ability to do pay vendors or employees ultimately hamstringing any operational success and path to profitability.  With Incorta's C2C Analytics Blueprint you'll be able make more informed decisions to accelerate the cycle without the long implementations other solutions require.

The summary C2C dashboard highlights the key cash conversion cycle metrics.

Questions Answered

With Incorta's C2C Analytics Blueprint you'll be answering questions such as:

  • What is my cash conversion cycle? 
  • What are my average days sales outstanding? 
  • What are my average days of inventory? 
  • What are my average days payables outstanding? 
  • How does each component of the cash-to-cash cycle trend?

Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Days Payable Outstanding
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Days Receivable Trend
  • AR Aging Details
  • Supplier Payment Cycle
  • Top 10 Suppliers by Discount Lost
  • Inventory Days on Hand

What is a Blueprint?

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