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Better, faster, easier EBS/ERP Cloud reporting and analytics that’s up and running in only a day.

With our new Blueprints, Incorta gives Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and ERP Cloud customers a new, faster, more effective option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling or ETL required. Users get instant access to up-to-date, consolidated ERP data and can build all of the high-performance reports they need—on their own—without waiting for IT support.

This Expenses report gives insights into KPIs such as Expense File Cycle Time and Expenses by Type.

Pre-Built Incorta Content Accelerates Your EBS/ERP Cloud Analytics Initiatives

Now Incorta makes deploying modern, Oracle EBS- and ERP Cloud-based analytics even easier. Via the new Incorta “Blueprint”—a quick-start kit that helps accelerate the process of setting up, connecting to, analyzing, and reporting upon complex data sources and use cases—Incorta partner Cittabase can help EBS and ERP Cloud users gain immediate access to rich content areas and sample dashboards that are easily customizable and logically grouped by department and persona to help answer their most-pressing business questions even more quickly. 

In addition, these Blueprints expedite your organization’s migration from legacy reporting tools, and drastically speed your Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud-based reporting and analytics project’s time to value. What’s more, they also let you more quickly add new data sources to your EBS and ERP Cloud analysis.

What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a services accelerator to help organizations get up and running quickly on complex data sources and use cases.

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