Provider: incorta
Business Function: Supply Chain
Data Source: Multi-ERP

Order Fulfillment - Advanced Analytics for your ERP Data via Incorta

Order fulfillment performance drives customer satisfaction and directly impacts the value of the enterprise, yet many companies struggle to compile the data needed to understand it in real time.

Incorta’s Order fulfillment Blueprint alleviates this issue by automatically identifying risks to open orders and seamlessly uniting data from various business functions—including customer service, warehousing and distribution, and manufacturing and procurement—so you can optimize order fulfillment before it’s too late.

Questions Answered

With this Blueprint, you can easily answer questions like:

  • What is my fill rate?
  • What is my on-time performance?
  • Which customers cancel the most orders and why?
  • How many orders have been returned? What are the most frequent reasons for returns? Which products experience the most returns?
  • Which regions, business units, and accounts inhibit performance?
  • Which orders need to be fulfilled in the next [X] number of days?
  • What are the top problems causing order holds?


Order Fulfillment Performance
  • Shipped Orders
    • Fill Rate
    • On-Time Performance
    • Shipped Value
  • Open Orders
  • Cancelled Orders
  • Late Orders
  • On-Hold Orders
  • Returned Orders
Current Orders & Inventory
  • Order Flow Summary
  • Customer Order Cycle Time
  • Open Orders (with Near-Term Request or Promise Date by Planned Shipping Location & Product)
  • Inventory by Item, Globally and by Planned Shipping Location
  • Days-on-Hand, Globally and by Planned Shipping Location
  • Net Demand
Open Orders at Risk 
  • Open Orders at Risk
  • Inventory for Orders at Risk
  • Days-on-Hand for Orders at Risk
  • Late Manufacturing Related to Customer Orders at Risk
  • Late Purchase Orders Related to Customer Orders at Risk
  • Manufacturing Capacity Utilization Related to Customer Orders at Risk


What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a services accelerator to help organizations get up and running quickly on complex data sources and use cases.

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