September 13, 2017  ·  by: Osama Elkady  ·  Blog

Countdown to OpenWorld: Incorta’s Long Oracle Legacy

Albert Einsten said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Many of us at Incorta spent part of our careers working at Oracle. And it was during our years there that my co-founders and I gained invaluable experience that equipped us to eventually conceive the idea that would become Incorta’s revolutionary Direct Data MappingTM analytics engine.

That’s why the upcoming OpenWorld event in San Francisco marks a special time of year for Incorta. To celebrate, we’re publishing a series of Oracle-related blogs counting down to OpenWorld.

In this first blog, we tell you why what we learned and were able to accomplish while at Oracle influenced all of us at Incorta beyond measure, and how our customers benefit because of it.

Our Rich Oracle Legacy

Compared to most companies our size, Incorta enjoys a particularly rich Oracle heritage.

  • (Me) Osama Elkady, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder for Incorta — For two decades, I engineered and helped bring to market Oracle’s enterprise applications and business intelligence (BI) tools. From working with Oracle customers for all those years, I learned what enterprise customers expect when it comes to scalability, reliability, security, and performance: they want software that helps them run their business, not software they have to fix and maintain all of the time.

  • Klaus Fabian, Incorta chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder — A seasoned veteran of the analytics space, Klaus spent more than a dozen years at Oracle, where he developed multiple BI applications—including Oracle’s BI Publisher—while learning about application security and integration requirements. As an Oracle product manager, Klaus worked closely with customers as well as application teams to understand first-hand their reporting needs, then partnered with them to meet those requirements and creatively overcome any challenges.

  • Hichem Sellami, vice president (VP) of applications and co-founder for Incorta — Hichem spent 15 years as an Oracle/Siebel applications developer and software development director focused on analytics. Hichem credits the software giant with exposing him to the entire BI application lifecycle—from requirement analysis to data modeling, solution design, building of ETLs, and dashboard construction—and teaching him to problem-solve a wide range of analytics design challenges.

  • Ziyad Dahbour, Incorta chief operating officer (COO) — Since starting his career at Oracle nearly three decades ago, Ziyad held several roles in product development and consulting, where he worked directly with customers to overcome persistent performance challenges. As a result, Ziyad dedicated his career to solving the performance, scalability, and responsiveness challenges of complex enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and PeopleSoft, and co-founded two successful startups that did just that.

  • Wael Fakharany, Incorta’s VP/general manager for EMEA — Wael held several channel and sales management roles with Oracle Egypt, where he learned committed channel partners are the most suitable go-to-market model to achieve deliberate, sustainable, and repeatable growth in that region. His time at Oracle taught Wael that customers often realize greater value from enterprise technologies when authorized channel partners offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, services, and capabilities tailor the applications to solve the customer’s unique, daily business struggles.

  • Matthew Halliday, VP of solution sales for Incorta — Matthew spent 15 years in numerous roles at Oracle, including software engineer and applications architect. His time at Oracle taught Matthew that developers building enterprise software often focus on requirements rather than the user experience—an approach now outdated. Matthew credits Oracle with giving him a great understanding of enterprise applications and a foundation for building systems that can scale for the enterprise while meeting the needs of the business user.

  • And Mike Nader, solutions engineer for Incorta — During 10 years at Oracle, Mike was the lead global solution architect for Oracle’s enterprise performance management (EPM) and BI technology stack integration, and product manager for the application Essbase, the Microsoft Office integration Smart View, and the OEM relationship with Tableau. An Oracle ACE and co-author of three books on Oracle EPM and analytics, Mike credits Oracle with teaching him how the user's reporting perspective drives proper analytic system design.

Oracle’s long arm of influence also extends to several trusted mentors who serve on Incorta’s board of directors and advisory board.

  • Ron Wohl, CEO of Nanoscale Components — Ron served as executive vice president (EVP) at Oracle for 19 years, where he grew Oracle’s application business from a startup to $1.6 billion in annual revenue.

  • Jeff Epstein, operating partner for Bessemer Venture Partners — Jeff served as Oracle’s chief financial officer (CFO) for three years.

  • Steve Papa, founder and CEO for Parallel Wireless — Steve founded Endeca in 1999 and served as CEO through the company’s $1.1 billion acquisition by Oracle in 2011.

  • Hasan Rizvi, founder and CEO of Qlue Inc. — Hasan held several roles at Oracle, including EVP of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java Products, VP of Oracle Enterprise Manager, VP of Security and Identity Management, and director of OLTP Technologies.

  • And Bob Zurek, senior vice president (SVP) and CTO for HealthcareSource — Bob was VP of product strategy at Oracle.

This wide range of varied Oracle experience gives our Incorta team unique insight into all-things-Oracle. And we knew that—while Oracle is really good at building databases—Oracle’s not necessarily laser-focused on what users need to be successful.

That’s why one of the first pre-packaged analytics solutions Incorta introduced was designed specifically for Oracle EBS users. We wanted to empower users—who historically couldn’t easily access and understand EBS data—to make better, faster decisions on their own, using up-to-date data. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Watch for our second blog in this “Countdown to OpenWorld” series, where we’ll explain how and why Incorta’s self-service analytics and reporting solution for Oracle EBS delivers such incredible value to business users.

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“There are a million different ways to look at our data. With Incorta, we’re able to decide exactly what we’re going to see and when we’re going to see it.”

Greg Waldman, Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager - Toast