Provider: incorta
Business Function: Operations
Data Source: Multi-ERP

Enterprise Asset Management - Advanced Analytics for your ERP data via Incorta

With our new Blueprints, Incorta gives customers a new, faster, more effective option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling or ETL required. Users get instant access to up-to-date, consolidated ERP data and can build all of the high-performance reports they need—on their own—without waiting for IT support.

Watch this short demo to see for yourself how easy the Incorta for EAM Blueprint makes it to analyze and report upon complex, ERP-driven data as an example.

Questions Answered

  • How often does scheduled maintenance take place versus more disruptive, unplanned maintenance?
  • How much do we spend on maintenance? 
  • What is my actual labor cost compared to the estimated cost?
  • What is the current backlog of work orders? Is it trending up? What impact does it have on plant operations? 
  • How do maintenance cycles impact customer satisfaction and sales revenue?

Sample Reports & Metrics

Assets Overview
  • Asset Breakdown by Organization/Department/Type
  • Top 10 Assets by Work Order
  • Asset Downtime Analysis
  • Asset Summary—Asset Org Count, Asset Group Count
  • Word Order Summary—Total Work Orders, Failures, On-time Completion %
  • Work Orders by Location
Work Orders
  • Work Order Summary
  • Work Orders by Organization and Type
  • Top 10 Activity Cause
  • Work Orders by Start Date and Type
  • Top 10 Assets by Breakdown
  • Work Order Details
Work Requests
  • Work Request Summary—Open Work Requests, Work Requests Awaiting WO, High-Priority Work Requests
  • Top 10 Assets by Work Requests
  • Work Requests by Organization and Type
  • Work Request Details
Maintenance Costs
  • Estimated vs. Actual Cost/Variance
  • Labor vs. Material vs. Equipment Cost/Variance
  • Cost Breakdown by Activity Cause
  • Cost Trends by Organization
  • Cost Details


What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a services accelerator to help organizations get up and running quickly on complex data sources and use cases.

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