Fortune 100 Companies Select Incorta for Complex Analytics Use Cases No One Else Solves

November 08, 2017

Large, innovative companies rely on Incorta’s no-data-warehouse Direct Data Mapping to speed decision making and easily meet information security requirements

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Nov. 8, 2017 — Incorta, the real-time analytics platform that makes the traditional data warehouse obsolete, today announced large, global companies use Incorta to power complex analytics use cases previously unsolvable by other approaches.

Two such Incorta customers—a Fortune 10 consumer electronics manufacturer and a Fortune 100 social networking site—rely on Incorta to deliver secure, sub-second insights and meet strenuous information security mandates previously unobtainable via other methods.

Incorta’s no-data-warehouse Direct Data MappingTM technology easily analyzes business application data—such as data from Salesforce or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)—that historically had to be denormalized via extensive Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes, and delivers query speeds 100-1,000 times faster than data warehouse-driven approaches.

“Even companies that routinely analyze large volumes of social data struggle when they try to understand and get insights from business system data. It’s a completely different beast,” said Osama Elkady, chief executive officer (CEO) of Incorta. “Application systems are inherently complex when you want to do analytics at scale. By eliminating the data warehouse, we complete most Incorta deployments in just days and deliver unheard-of processing speeds. In fact, one of our customers achieved in only six weeks with Incorta what they had spent the entire previous year trying to do. We’ve also heard from several customers that their Incorta implementation is the first time they’ve been able to fully comply with information security requirements for analytics.”

As an example, the Fortune 10 company mentioned above was able to:

  • give users reporting dashboards used multiple times per day that are 80 times faster than their predecessors;

  • increase the number of dashboard data refreshes per day from 12 to more than 96;

  • encourage richer conversations between users and their business data by increasing the number of dashboard data insights from 3 to 13;

  • provide all users with easy access to transaction details; and

  • enable all users to search across all data within the subject area and recalculate aggregate insights on the fly.

The customer was so impressed by Incorta, it doubled its investment, launching 14 other Incorta-powered projects within its first 24 months using the technology. As an added bonus—since Incorta empowers all employees to build and modify reports themselves—the customer completed these new projects while recouping budget previously spent on expensive analytics consultants. The customer also did not need to hire new team members possessing product-specific skillsets.

Elkady continued, “Some of our most-satisfied customers are those that implemented other analytics solutions, or attempted to build a custom solution themselves, and failed. After trying everything else, they come to Incorta and are amazed by what we can do for them.”

Incorta also enables its customers to more easily meet information security mandates, without needing policy exemptions. Data warehouse-driven analytics solutions re-shape data, losing the application-level data security in the process and leaving organizations unable to fully comply with data security requirements. Incorta instead bypasses the data warehouse, retaining the data’s original security settings and inheriting its already-vetted information security compliance statuses.

Upcoming Webinar to Discuss Complex Analytics Use Cases Incorta Solves for Broadcom

Incorta will host a webinar at 11am Pacific Time on Nov. 15 featuring global semiconductor leader Broadcom, who compared Incorta to many other solutions before ultimately selecting Incorta to power its enterprise analytics. In the webinar, Broadcom’s Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Ajit Oak will explain how he uses Incorta to dramatically speed the company’s decision making by aggregating complex business data in real-time and eliminating the need for a traditional data warehouse—even when analyzing join-intensive, complex data.

About Incorta

Incorta’s enterprise analytics platform aggregates complex business data in real-time, bypassing the need for a traditional data warehouse. Powered by the industry’s first Direct Data MappingTM engine, Incorta provides unprecedented query performance and eliminates costly join operations altogether. Incorta reduces from months to days the time required to roll out new analytics applications, and reduces query and reporting times from hours to seconds. Backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Kleiner Perkins, Incorta is deployed in the Fortune 10, and powers analytics for some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies.

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