Incorta Partners with Global Business Analytics Consulting Firm Edgewater Ranzal

March 13, 2018

Companies release first joint integration between Incorta and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 

SAN MATEO, Calif. — March 13, 2018 — Incorta, the enterprise analytics platform that bypasses data modeling to deliver real-time insights straight from operational data, today announced it has partnered with business analytics consulting firm Edgewater Ranzal.

With more than 20 years as a leading business analytics service provider, Edgewater Ranzal is an established thought leader in integrated business analytics. With global resources and clients, the firm delivers holistic enterprise performance management (EPM), business intelligence (BI), and Big Data solutions that provide the answers needed for improved business performance.

“A big focus for Incorta in 2018 is building out our partner ecosystem, so we can bring the benefits of our innovative Direct Data MappingTM platform to more users around the world more quickly,” said Osama Elkady, chief executive officer (CEO) of Incorta. “Edgewater Ranzal is one of the most respected business analytics solutions providers in the world, with a long-standing reputation for high-quality delivery and analytics expertise. Their deep business analytics knowledge across various industries and around various analytics use cases will be invaluable to Incorta as we scale.”

By eliminating the need for costly join operations, Incorta’s unique Direct Data Mapping engine enables true “insight freedom” via ad-hoc, self-service analytics that aggregates large, complex business data in real time. Innovative, fast-growth companies around the world rely on Direct Data Mapping to gain secure, sub-second access to meaningful business insight.

“The Incorta platform provides an impressive set of capabilities that will allow us to satisfy a wide array of analytics use cases for our clients,” said Mike Killeen, senior vice president of technology and strategy for Edgewater Ranzal. “Incorta provides speed-of-thought, ad-hoc query capabilities for unstructured and relational data sets—without requiring significant transformation of data—making it an important complement for our customers who deploy performance management solutions. With less time needed for technical transformations, our customers will be able to more quickly integrate multiple data sources and spend more time modeling and analyzing their data, creating a faster time-to-value (TTV) than they could with a traditional enterprise analytics tool.”

Companies Launch Joint Solution for Analyzing Data Generated by Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Incorta and Edgewater Ranzal recently launched their first joint solution—analytics and reporting for operational data from Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne.

Elkady explained, “One of JD Edwards’ greatest strengths is its flexible, extensible architecture. But this very architecture also makes it extremely expensive and difficult to achieve any kind of business insight. To compound the problem, any custom analytics that are developed suffer from degraded performance and lackluster functionality. With our new, Incorta-powered solution for JDE, organizations gain faster, easier access to the critical insights hidden in their JD Edwards data—insights they need to better run their business.”

Unlike traditional operational reporting and BI tools used to analyze data from JDE, Incorta:

  • Implements in only days—not weeks or months
  • Enables business users to create new reports in just minutes, without needing technical assistance
  • Limits IT involvement, which reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and speeds user access to analytics and reporting
  • Allows fast, easy analysis of the highly-joined data common to Oracle applications, as well as data from other sources such as Salesforce and ServiceNow
  • Reduces reporting times from hours to mere seconds while ensuring no negative impact on the performance of other business applications
  • Greatly simplifies data security by maintaining the security parameters of source applications during analysis, and utilizing cross-functional and role-based user security settings 

“Until Incorta, companies trying to analyze JDE data were forced to choose between two types of challenging tools,” Andrew Oh, practice director for analytics at Edgewater Ranzal. “Operational reporting tools—which suffer from massive performance problems that delay reporting, can negatively impact the performance of other business applications, only can connect to one database at a time, and don’t offer self-service capabilities—or traditional enterprise BI tools, which can’t provide real-time insight, take months or even years to deploy, and require heavy IT involvement and management. Incorta overcomes all of these challenges, giving our clients a great way to easily, affordably get critical business insights from JDE data without a high price tag or long implementation.”

For more information, download the white paper “Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.” 

In addition, please join us for a highly informative webinar, “Available Now: Speed-of-Thought JD Edwards Data-Driven Decisions,” on April 10, at 1:00 pm ET.

About Incorta

Incorta’s enterprise analytics platform aggregates complex business data in real-time, augmenting—or bypassing—the need for a traditional data warehouse. Powered by the industry’s first Direct Data MappingTM engine, Incorta provides unprecedented query performance and eliminates costly join operations altogether. Incorta’s powerful software engine allows companies to go from transactional data directly to business analytics at speeds unheard of in the current analytics environment. Incorta reduces from months to days the time required to roll out new analytics applications, and reduces query and reporting times from hours to seconds.

Backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Kleiner Perkins, Incorta is deployed in the Fortune 10, and powers analytics for some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies.

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