The Incorta Platform

Our revolutionary approach to analytics bypasses lengthy data modeling projects and delivers self-service analytics in the cloud or on-premises in days, not weeks or months.

Enterprise Solutions

Incorta is used by the world’s largest brands to succeed where other analytics solutions fail. Across multiple industries and lines of business, we boast connectors and pre-built solutions for your enterprise applications and technologies.

Strong Partnerships

Game-changing innovation and customer success happen through Incorta’s partners including Microsoft, AWS, eCapital, and Wipro. Explore or join our thriving partner ecosystem.

The only unified data analytics platform that provides a true
self-service data experience.

Eliminate backlog by delivering analytics in minutes not days.

  • Ingest entire schemas and eliminate the need for data model design and the unnecessary parts of ETL.
  • Run hundreds of joins against the most complex data sets without having to flatten them.

"It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own, instantaneously."

Enable faster and more accurate decision making across your entire organization.

  • Empower business users with self-service to peel the proverbial onion in real-time by answering successive questions without the need for data model or ETL updates.
  • Drive greater confidence in business decisions by completely bypassing the inaccuracies introduced during complex data transformations.

"Because of Incorta, my business users are less focused on crunching data and analyzing data—say, in Excel—and more focused on asking questions of the data and being explorers of the critical issues that they face in the business."

Unfetter data access with guaranteed security to everyone.

  • Freely roll out new analytics apps without the privacy and compliance concerns as Incorta inherits and enforces row-level security privileges from all the source applications.
  • Avoid the nightmare of creating new security buckets for every additional pre-aggregation created and trust Incorta’s row-level security.

"We’re using this technology to report on HR data, so there’s very sensitive data being manipulated and handled. It’s critical we control who sees what data and when they see it, otherwise it becomes a privacy issue as well. Incorta gives us much more granular control over who’s permitted to access and view data than the other options we looked at."

Maximize ROI while lowering TCO.

  • Dramatically pare down the legacy data warehousing value chain by eliminating the costly and time-consuming data model design and unnecessary parts of ETL.
  • Easily augment your existing data warehousing investments while dramatically speeding up time to insights.

"The best money I've ever spent."

The largest global brands partner with Incorta for the fastest path from complex application data to data-driven decisions.

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