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3 Key Hurdles CFOs Must Clear to Achieve Data Enlightenment

Today’s CFOs and their teams have their work cut out for them. As digital transformation drives major changes in traditional business and operating models, and macroeconomic and regulatory uncertainty become the new...

December 04, 2019
by: Mike Nader, Head of Channels

Kicking the ETL Addiction in 3 Days—How GC Services Gained Unprecedented Insight into Call Center Operations

I’m no stranger to data analytics. And everything I believed to be true about data analytics was based upon the premise that you absolutely had to reshape data to get it to...

November 13, 2019
by: Marc Paige, AVP of IT Software Dev & Chief App Architect

Employee Spotlight: Intern to Software Engineer

“Our fast growing Engineering team at Incorta is filled with amazing talent covering many areas of software development (i.e. front-end and back-end development, data science, machine learning, test and build automation) as...

November 08, 2019
by: Aaron Pelina, Recruiting Coordinator

Incorta Summit 2019

Earlier this month, I was honored to have the opportunity to moderate the 2019 Incorta Summit. Once I got over the fact that there were over 300 people in the audience and...

November 01, 2019
by: Kevin Smith, Incorta VP of Product Marketing

A CFO's Perspective: How to Resuscitate Enterprise Analytics

As a longtime chief financial officer (CFO) and business analyst, there are three things I always want to know:

1. What happened?

2. Why did it happen?

3. What’s going to happen...

November 01, 2019
by: Jeff E. Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle