Three-Minute Demo of Shutterfly's Supply Chain Dashboards

March 27, 2018
by: Emily Lewis

Using our modern data-to-analytics platform, online image publisher Shutterfly Inc. enables user-driven forecasting and analysis to support their Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory processes. Over only six weeks, Shutterfly deployed five customized analytics applications that help their inventory analysts avoid out-of-stock situations during their busiest time of the year and remain confident they’re working with near real-time data.

In this three-minute excerpt of a webinar with Shutterfly's Director of Supply Chain and Procurement, Rachel McCutcheon, see how with Incorta you can:

- Drill down to the details, giving you unprecedented access to the raw transactions
- Build new dashboards and insights on your own, without help needed from IT
- Combine data from different subject areas, in this case accounts payable and purchase orders, to see a complete picture

Read the case study and watch the full webinar to learn more.

Live Demo of Shutterfly's Dashboards from Incorta.