Provider: incorta
Business Function: supplyChain
Data Source: multierp

Better, faster, easier, inventory management reporting and analytics that’s up and running in only a day.

With our new Blueprints, Incorta gives many ERP customers a new, faster, more effective option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling or ETL required. Users get instant access to up-to-date, consolidated ERP data and can build all of the high-performance reports they need—on their own—without waiting for IT support.

This Inventory On Hand report gives insights into KPIs such as On Hand Quantity by Subinventory and On Hand Inventory by Organization.

Pre-Built Incorta Content Accelerates Your Inventory Management Analytics Initiatives

Many companies spend a majority of their cash flow on buying, making or moving direct materials. This cash becomes “inventory” when stock is misaligned with sales demand, resulting in higher inventory carrying costs that significantly increase working capital and decrease gross margins.


The Incorta Inventory Management Blueprint will help you easily monitor and analyze your organization’s inventory—and its movements in, out and through manufacturing plants and distribution centers—in order to better manage inventory and its costs, increase product turnover by reducing inventory levels, and properly deploy inventory to the correct location. Use this Blueprint to easily answer critical questions like: 

  • What are my inventory turns?
  • How is the inventory mix meeting demand?
  • Which item shortages are driving backorders?
  • How is inventory value trending over time? 
  • What is the average days of supply per-item and per-category? 
  • What is the volume for Excess & Obsolete inventory? 
  • What are the slow-moving items?

Sample Reports & Metrics

Inventory Performance 
  • Days on Hand 

  • Average Days of Supply

  • Inventory Turns

  • Inventory to Sales Ratio

  • Inventory Value Trend

  • Backorder Rate

  • Near Expiry Inventory

Excess & Obsolete Inventory
  • Slow Moving Items by Location 

  • Slow Moving Items by Category

  • Aged Inventory

  • Expired Inventory

  • Top Items with Excessive Inventory Levels

  • Value of Discontinued Items

  • Space Tied to Discontinued Items


What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a services accelerator to help organizations get up and running quickly on complex data sources and use cases.

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