Analytic Applications in Days.
Answers to Complex Questions in Seconds.

No data modeling. Ad hoc questions. Instant insight.

Analytics without the Overhead

Until now, analyzing large volumes of complex business data spanning ERP, cloud applications and other business systems required the construction of a costly, time-consuming data warehouse. And the only way to normalize the data from these multiple sources, understand their relationships and perform analytics at scale was via a star-schema. But not anymore.

With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine, you get real-time aggregation of large,
complex business data without needing a data warehouse.

Build Analytic Applications in Days

No Data Modeling

  • Map your data directly and bypass the need for the traditional star-schema approach
  • No data transformations, overnight ETL batch jobs or reshaping of data
  • Remain nimble and responsive to ever-changing questions from the business

Incorta eliminates the need for data transformation by a data warehouse.

Ask Any Question at Anytime

  • Performs queries on complex joins for billions of records and reduces response times from hours to seconds
  • Allows for unlimited dimensionality (perspectives) 
  • Drill from top line KPIs to supporting transactions in a single click
  • Drill anywhere with dynamic, user defined drill paths and hierarchies

Incorta enables self-service and ad-hoc query on complex data at interactive speed.

Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning

  • Leverages open standard Parquet format to seamlessly integrate with Spark to allow for advanced data transformations, machine learning, and predictive analytics technologies
  • Allows users and data scientists to focus on their job and not be concerned about data collection and updates

Incorta’s modern data platform provides massive scalability using commodity hardware.

Data Sources

  • Allow customers and partners to easily add new data sources via a pluggable data architecture
  • Integrate out-of-the-box with database sources including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, MySQL, Vertica, SAP HANA, Netezza, Teradata and AWS Redshift, and cloud applications including, NetSuite, Oracle Cloud, Zuora and ServiceNow
  • Support CSV/JSON, kafka, Google BigQuery and Hive

Incorta is optimized to analyze highly-joined, relational data from numerous sources.

Data Loading
in Real Time

  • Employs multiple direct data loaders in parallel to enjoy full and incremental data updates
  • Directly loads data without performing any joins or calculations on the source system, which reduces the load on that system and improves transactional application performance
  • Frequent refreshes of source data give an organization up-to-the-minute insight about its business

Incorta loads massive amounts of data at a speed never before possible.

Application Security

  • Retains all application-level security parameters, including row-level security for data access—the only analytic platform to do so
  • Protects data using full, 128-bit AES encryption, rotating keys and no client-side data caching

Incorta enforces the highest levels of enterprise security.

Elastic Architecture

  • Provisions/De-provisions resources in an autonomic manner, so available resources match current demand
  • Quickly scales from an under-provisioned state to an optimal one

Incorta’s elastic architecture enables flexible, automated workload changes.

Google-like Search

Incorta’s Google-like search empowers business users to simply, easily uncover insights and analyze data on their own.

Search and analyze across structured and unstructured data

Faceted search to guide business users to discover hidden relevant data

Integrations with Favorite Tools

Incorta lets analysts work the way they prefer, using the tools they already love.

Tap into the power and speed of Incorta directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Work within visualization or reporting tools such as Tableau, PowerBI or Qlik while benefitting from the improved query performance and data security delivered by Incorta’s standard ODBC/JDBC drivers

Flexible Deployment Options

Incorta lets you choose how to deploy your analytics platform—in the cloud or on-premises.

Ensure rapid deployment for either choice via Incorta-provided templates for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud

Reduce the total cost of ownership, thanks to the approved use of commodity hardware and virtual machines